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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Break Road Trip

April 5th - surgery
April 6th - stopped taking T3's so I wouldn't feel so groggy
April 7th - packing
April 8th - road trip

Yes, I was in pain.

Destination-Vancouver LDS Temple in Langley, BC

Hours of driving on day 1 - 12.5
Road conditions - mostly crappy

Where we lodged - with Joanne and Quinn. Totally loved seeing them. Totally want to hang out with Joanne without my kids around.

April 9th - went to the Temple Open House. We met up with our friends the Stewarts from Lethbridge and toured the temple together. It was beautiful. The workmanship was fantastic and it was nice to see things unique to BC incorporated in the decor. We ran into a few familiar faces while we were there. Lunch at Red Robin and off to Vernon to see Jeff and Tobi and family.

April 10th - Had a nice evening and morning visiting with Jeff and Tobi. We got back in the car and raced home. We arrived back in Lethbridge that evening. Gracie was happy to have us back.

It was a whirlwind trip. I loved it.

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