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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Moonlight Madness

March 19th. It's only 6K. It's only in the Riverbottom. It's only totally dark out. There's only a horrid incline out of the coulee to the finish line. Total Madness!!!!

This was my first run and I had my cast taken off a few days early so I could actually wear a running jacket. Scott was my running buddy and he kindly ran along side me the whole time, though I am sure I was slower that he would have liked.

My body was a mess before the race. My wrist was in the process of healing and still sore. I was having problems with shin splints that were causing pain. I did some stretching a couple of hours before race time and wrenched my quads. Indeed I was to the point of needing a whole right side of body transplant.

We arrived at the race start location an hour early and did a lot of walking which helped the quad issue immensely.

It was dark. There were a couple thousand of us. I didn't know where I was going. Complete fun. Then came the hill.

I was dreading the hill. I didn't train for the hill. The hill was going to kill me, but I didn't know how quickly.

I made Scott walk with me for a bit before starting the upward run. I thought it would help, and I suppose it did, but 1/3 up I died. So we would walk a bit and run a bit and repeat it. I swear it was a good 400-500 meters of uphill running. I just wanted to get to the top in such a condition that I could run the last 250 meters to the finish line.

And that is what we did. My time was 46 minutes. Next year I will have that hill mastered and my time will show it. Considering my various bodily ailments, I was very happy.

Now having said that, my friend's 7 year old beat me by a minute and her 10 year old by 10 minutes. Not that I am competitive.

Totally loved the experience. Now I have to heal up and run 8K in June. Ladies Fest.

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