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Monday, May 24, 2010


My splint is off most of the time now. I am working on regaining mobility in my hand. "The strength can come back later," says my therapist. Apparently we have years to work on strength, but the mobility is crucial now. So be it. I see her point. Still, it's frustrating to have a semi functioning hand that can't do much more than move.

On the running side, I ran 8.5k alone on Saturday. For me that was great considering I hate running alone. HATE!!!!! I'm doing a program where I run for a few minutes and walk a few until I work up to a 9 and 1 run/walk ratio. I ran a 7 and 1 on Saturday and 24 minutes longer than usual to top that off. I didn't have shin pain until Sunday morning, so I am watching that carefully.

I registered for two half marathons this fall. I think I am crazy, but one of them comes with a really cool race shirt. I registered for cheap so if I don't run it, I'll still have the cool shirt!! Hey, sometimes it's about the clothes, people.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Catch Up Time

Obviously I have not been blogging lately. The reasons are varied. I tried to stay in some kind of chronological order, but it's probably off a bit.

Regardless, this is what has been going on!!

My Baby is Eight

From Feb. 28, 2010......
Eight a is big birthday around here. You turn eight, you get baptized - it's a big birthday. Jackson's was certainly that.

We had all grandmas and grandpas here and Uncle Scott. We partied. We opened gifts. Then we dunked the little squirt.

Now this is our fourth baptism so we are getting pretty efficient with them. Let's face it. These are eight year old kids with short attention spans. We keep it on task and to the point. We were done in about 30 minutes - maybe a couple of minutes less.

My baby is eight. Life is moving along faster and faster.

Happy Birthday, Jordan

Jordan is handsome.

Jordan is intelligent.

Jordan is kind.....most of the time.

Jordan is taller than me......like that makes a difference.

Jordan is 12.

May 1, 2010

Turning 40

It wasn't quite how I planned things......spending my 40th birthday healing from a tendon transfer. Not that I was anticipating dancing on tables or anything like that, but at least an able body was on the original agenda.

Sean took me to Calgary for a couple of days for a birthday shopping trip. A man following you around from store to store, carrying your shopping bags is a gift indeed......of the awesome kind. I don't know too many of the male species that could endure that kind of torture. Sean did.

It was nice to be away together. It's been a few years since we've been able to get away and have someone else worry about our babies.

We certainly had fun and I didn't go overboard in my shopping adventures. We met up with some friends for a birthday dinner. It was just a nice getaway and when it was time to go home, we knew it.

We returned to a great family dinner made by my mom and I think the boys were even happy to see us.

Turning 40 is good.

Hand Issues

I survived our little road trip despite my pain. The following week I saw the plastic surgeon and I was fitted for a splint. It's much prettier than the plaster boulder I hauled around the last week. I think it is on for 6-8 weeks and there's therapy as well.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Break Road Trip

April 5th - surgery
April 6th - stopped taking T3's so I wouldn't feel so groggy
April 7th - packing
April 8th - road trip

Yes, I was in pain.

Destination-Vancouver LDS Temple in Langley, BC

Hours of driving on day 1 - 12.5
Road conditions - mostly crappy

Where we lodged - with Joanne and Quinn. Totally loved seeing them. Totally want to hang out with Joanne without my kids around.

April 9th - went to the Temple Open House. We met up with our friends the Stewarts from Lethbridge and toured the temple together. It was beautiful. The workmanship was fantastic and it was nice to see things unique to BC incorporated in the decor. We ran into a few familiar faces while we were there. Lunch at Red Robin and off to Vernon to see Jeff and Tobi and family.

April 10th - Had a nice evening and morning visiting with Jeff and Tobi. We got back in the car and raced home. We arrived back in Lethbridge that evening. Gracie was happy to have us back.

It was a whirlwind trip. I loved it.


I really thought that my wrist was not healing properly and was kicking myself for getting my cast off early. About a week after Moonlight, something happened. My right thumb stopped working.

Newsflash!!!!!!! Thumbs are important.

I could not extend it. I could move it from side to side a bit, but the thumb wasn't good for anything.

So I went to Emergency in a panic and here's the lesson girls and boys.........seems that when you do activities such as, say, folding laundry and you feel a popping sensation in your hand above the wrist, it could be a warning to stop what you are doing. It may also be wise to listen to your husband when he says you can't do something and not do it. If you do, you may "Oh yes I can" yourself all the way to the Emergency.

I guess when I slipped and fell on the ice and fractured my little wrist, I most likely damaged my thumb tendon. I continued to complete tasked that aggravated that injury. Eventually I killed my tendon - totally shredding it - leaving it unrepairable. This led to a visit with a plastic surgeon.

So on April 5th I had to undergo a tendon transfer surgery. This entailed taking an extra tendon from my index finger and moving it over to my thumb. I was awake. I even watched some of it. I was fitted with a six hundred ton plaster thumb splint/cast for a week.

I am no longer pushing my limits.....well I can't at the moment anyway.

Moonlight Madness

March 19th. It's only 6K. It's only in the Riverbottom. It's only totally dark out. There's only a horrid incline out of the coulee to the finish line. Total Madness!!!!

This was my first run and I had my cast taken off a few days early so I could actually wear a running jacket. Scott was my running buddy and he kindly ran along side me the whole time, though I am sure I was slower that he would have liked.

My body was a mess before the race. My wrist was in the process of healing and still sore. I was having problems with shin splints that were causing pain. I did some stretching a couple of hours before race time and wrenched my quads. Indeed I was to the point of needing a whole right side of body transplant.

We arrived at the race start location an hour early and did a lot of walking which helped the quad issue immensely.

It was dark. There were a couple thousand of us. I didn't know where I was going. Complete fun. Then came the hill.

I was dreading the hill. I didn't train for the hill. The hill was going to kill me, but I didn't know how quickly.

I made Scott walk with me for a bit before starting the upward run. I thought it would help, and I suppose it did, but 1/3 up I died. So we would walk a bit and run a bit and repeat it. I swear it was a good 400-500 meters of uphill running. I just wanted to get to the top in such a condition that I could run the last 250 meters to the finish line.

And that is what we did. My time was 46 minutes. Next year I will have that hill mastered and my time will show it. Considering my various bodily ailments, I was very happy.

Now having said that, my friend's 7 year old beat me by a minute and her 10 year old by 10 minutes. Not that I am competitive.

Totally loved the experience. Now I have to heal up and run 8K in June. Ladies Fest.