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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Professional Changes and Exploration

I want to blog regularly. I really do. I'm really trying. But with no more renos and kids in mental wards and no more flooding and life going relatively smoothly, what is there to blog about????? The boys rarely say anything cute anymore. It's more on the sassy side.

It dawned on me that I may have neglected to blog about my new line of work. I've been in banking for almost 19 years and have wanted to try something different for a long time. So in December I resigned, agreeing to remain as a casual employee and started working for the school district here as a substitute educational assistant.

I don't have schooling for it, but I figured that 9 years of raising an undiagnosed autistic child and three other rambunctious boys and volunteering at schools and working with children at church gave me more practical experience than most edumacated folk. I applied last summer and got an interview in the fall. Now I am subbing and at some point I hope to get a permanent position somewhere.

It's been an interesting experience thus far. I can say that some kids break my heart. They get no support from anyone and you can almost see the writing on the wall for them if things don't change drastically. Some kids amaze me. Some teachers disappoint me and some impress me.

Quote of the week: Preschool boy - "When I grow up I want to be a human being."
We should all aspire to that.

I worked at a preschool last week for a day. I guess I made a good impression. They are filling a position there and asked if I was interested. I doubt I will take that one, but it was nice to be asked.

So we shall see where this takes me. Perhaps back to school for a special ed. program. Who knows. It's been nice to be able to pick up my own children from school and participate in their activities again. I missed that while at the bank.

The days I don't get a call in are hard. I never know what to do with myself. I am so used to being out of the house. I am sure that will resolve itself. There's lots to do around here.....just don't want to do it!!

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