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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

We were anticipating a small family Christmas this year. Then my parents bought a house and moved out here and Diane came to spend
Christmas with all of us. So we were all together. This time in two separate houses and more than enough bathrooms available.


We opened gifts in two houses. Ate dinner at my parents. I still fulfilled my goal to wear my pajamas all day. I just didn't have to cook a turkey at the same time. Thanks, Mom.

It wasn't a total my side of the family celebration. Sean's brother Scott spent the day with us, so Sean's family did represent.

The boys were spoiled rotten by everyone
but their parents. Sean and I scaled back this year not only to save on cash, but because we found some things the boys got last year that were never touched!!!!!! We really focused on things they needed this year mingled with a fun item or two.

So there were still DSIs, and a cool
guitar pedal system that would make a 14 year old boy pee his pants, and a lefty bass guitar that left a Jared squealing like a little girl. Thank heaven for Auntie Dianes.

And at the end of the day, what kid wouldn't crash with a bag of candy in his hands.

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