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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A New Blog

Just a note to you that I have started another blog that will be devoted to the experiences we have in this household with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

It's been a huge year for us and it is reflected in my posts. What it obvious is that Jared's challenges and triumphs and their documentation overshadow all the great things the other boys do and I am trying to find more balance in our family blog.

If you want to follow that blog you can find it through my profile or www.ourasdjourney.blogspot.com . If you would like email notifications of new posts on that blog I will add you but not unless you request it.

From time to time Jared's ASD will appear in our family blog. It is a part of our lives and cannot be avoided, but from now on I will focus more on our family life as a whole and give the other boys more "air time".

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trip Review

Ethan is my favorite nephew EVER!!!!! Okay, he's my only nephew, but so what? I had some time off work and I decided it was a great opportunity to ditch the boys and go see this little ball of scrumpdiliciousness.
I love this baby. I almost want another one just being around him. I love how he does all the cute baby things he does....even the crying. I love how his parents adore him like they should.
Of course I did other things besides trying to hide Ethan in my suitcase. My parents are dutifully packing for their move to Lethbridge. We will all soon be living in the same city again. The kids are excited about it. I was happy to see that there were boxes to trip over and a moderate level of chaos going on.
With my parents busy with their packing, it freed up their car so I did not need to rent one. I visited with almost everyone I wanted to. I find I always need an extra day. It was nice to visit again with friends I haven't seen in a year.
Driving the Malahat in the dark and with the rain falling was not something I missed, but learned I could still do. Memorable was parking behind two boys not much older than 12 or 13 smoking pot across the street from my brother and his wife's condo. I really startled the boys which I thought was funny, so I left my headlights shining on them for a while just to make them nervous. Fun for me.
I went to Lululemon and did not buy a thing. I did want to and Mom offered to buy an early Christmas present for me, but I promised Sean I would not buy anything Lulu on this trip and I made good on my word though I may have shed a tear or two on my way out of the store.
I made it home and Gracie was delighted to see me. I didn't know she cared so much. The other boys were happy to greet me except Jordan who thought it would be more fun to go to his friend's house instead. Nice kid, that Jordan. He sits beside me as I write this with a smirk on his face and giggling. He's not out of the will.......yet.
So a nice time overall and plans to return in the summer are underway. It was wonderful to come home and be with my family of stinky boys. I have another week of vacation time with lots to do. I get to do "Mom" stuff without the work stuff getting in the way and I am looking forward to that.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Note to My Guinea Pig

Is there an oldest child that is not damaged in some way? Again James, thanks for not being too wrecked by your Mom and Dad.

Happy 14th Birthday.