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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do We Need a Crash Course in All That is Off Color?

Ahhh........the teasing of children. When you have a kid like Jared and you know other kids are learning how to push his buttons or see him as an opportunity to increase their own ego, it takes effort on my part to keep my cool and parent accordingly.

Jared came home yesterday and asked me what a butt crack was. I asked why? Well, he began, some boys at school were laughing at him because he didn't know what that was. By now half the school knows about this and he is sure that he is the laughing stock of the school.

Now the good news. Even though this is an unfortunate experience, the fact that Jared sees that it is is great in a way. So much goes over his head that I wonder what cues he is catching.

So I explained to him what a butt crack was and said it was okay that he didn't know what that was and why should he??? The men in his family don't have those kinds of issues. We know how to wear our pants.

This has me thinking though. Do I need to have a sit down with him and go over some of the rude and off color jokes and situations he may encounter as he gets older in order to save him embarrassment and teasing?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Like Being Hit By A Truck

If there is one thing to say about life in this household it would be that there are always surprises around the corner.

I've been home sick the last couple of days - bronchitis - and home sick with the blessing of my employers no less. I am still coughing something gross periodically through the day, but I am coherent and relatively energetic.

So I am on my way out of the house to work this morning when I receive a call from Jordan's school. This is odd. If I ever get a call it is ALWAYS the elementary school. Jordan had an accident in gym class. He may have hit his head. He passed out for a time. Could I come to the school. He may need to go to the hospital. Ummm........okay, I'll be right down.

I called work on my way to let them know gracing them with my presence would have to wait. I arrived at the school to find a very colorless and blue lipped Jordan so we decided that the hospital was probably the best place to spend our morning.

A very upset gym teacher, who had a class to return to after getting Jordan to the office, phoned and told me everything I needed to pass on to the doctor. Jordan was doing sprints and went chest first into the stage when he couldn't stop in time. He then banged his trachea on the stage, hyper extended his back and she caught him before he hit the floor. He couldn't breath and sounded like he was honking while trying to get air, passed out, and then had a seizure. It was really bad, she said and I could tell by the tone in her voice that she had been absolutely terrified.

Long and short........He's fine. We had chest x rays, an electrocardiogram, and blood work. He's okay, but sore. He's getting stiff and his back hurts and I think tomorrow he's going to feel like he was hit by a truck.

He's resting now. We are going out later to pick up the get well notes the traumatized classmates wrote for him and he's adamant we attend a book fair at the school so he can buy a book since there's a good chance he will miss school tomorrow. So it doesn't look like there is too much serious damage to him.

His gym teacher?...I don't know. We stopped by to see her on the way home from the hospital to let her know he would live. She still looked freaked and she gave him a big hug. He wasn't expecting that. The look on his face was priceless. Loved it!!!!

So I am missing one more day of work and I promised I would return tomorrow, so I am asking my other boys to just play it safe for the next 27 hours. No more hospital visits until 5pm tomorrow....and if I do end up there again, mental note.....when signing hospital documents next time don't write "Mama" under relationship to child.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snow + Falling Leaves = x

We've been enjoying beautiful, warm fall weather up to about a week ago. Then it got cold. 15 degrees below normal cold and windy. Then it began to snow. There's nothing better for kids than early snow.
When snow falls before the leaves are raked up and then you build snowmen, these are the masterpieces you end up with.

We are anticipating a return to seasonal temperatures and the boys will be out with the rakes before we see snow again.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I am thankful for a little boy who is always so darn happy. Perhaps it is because he is the youngest and we inflict the least amount of stress on him. Perhaps it is because he is just a happy little kid. In any case, thank you, Jackson.

I am thankful for a boy who teaches me resilience; who teaches me to just not worry about what other people think and go out and do the best I can. You can't measure the value of being able get up and dust your knees off when you take a fall. Some of us don't read social cues very well. Some of us just need to ignore certain cues. Thank you, Jared.

I am thankful for a boy who always shows me that despite the fact it sometimes feels like I live with a bunch of Neanderthals, there is tenderness hidden inside that body. He will offer to help me when he sees that I am at my wits end. He lets me hug him still. His attempts to take on more responsibility is a constant reassurance that he wants to do good things. Thank you, Jordan.

I am thankful for a young man who is making mature and good choices. When he saw that a friend who had not been out to church for a while showed up, he decided to stay despite not feeling well so that friend would not feel alone and awkward. Thank you, James.

I am thankful for a man who holds me when I cry about silly things. Who thinks I am smart enough to solve my own problems and doesn't try to fix everything for me. Who lets me be sick when I am sick. Who shows patience towards me whether I deserve it or not. Thank you, Sean.