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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Under the Shadow of the Bridge

Thanks to the Lethbridge Herald, this is the picture I tried to get this evening but couldn't. Well, considering my photographic talents, I probably would have had to resort to this photo anyway.

It's the largest structure of it's type in the world, I believe, and it's a hundred years old this year. It's a mile long.

This morning we were down near the bridge for the start of the In the Shadow of the Bridge Jazz Festival. Back up a few months.....James auditioned for and made his high school's senior jazz band. Pretty nice. He's in ninth grade and is playing music for the grades 10-12 band. Okay, now to the present. The jazz band was performing at the festival this morning. They did so well, especially considering they've only been rehearsing for a week and a half. He loved playing in front of an audience. It's true there's nothing better.

I thought it would be fun to watch this much hyped lighting of the bridge. This afternoon Sean and I drove around the south side of Lethbridge to find a good place to watch the lighting. We staked out a location. We returned to the site with the boys and six 1.2L Big Gulps around 8:45pm. Light up was set for 9pm. We waited eagerly along with a crowd of other folks. I'd like to say that when the lights went on it looked exactly like the picture above, but it really, really didn't.

So we hopped in the car and hoped to get a better view from the west side and apparently so did the rest of Lethbridge. From then on we were in a traffic flow that made the obvious result of drinking 1.2L of pop a torturous affair.

We eventually did get a good view of the High Level Bridge, but it never looked anything like the Lethbridge Herald picture. Too bad. I would say it was still a fun evening despite the disappointment. We were all together drinking too much soda and dying for a bathroom.


Shelli said...

Life sounds Good! Miss you.

Shelli said...

Come on, come on, update! (This is the pot speaking..... to the kettle)