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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Trip.....Some Highlights

While we were on Vancouver Island we did some tourist type things because we never seemed to do it while we actually lived there.

Going down to the Inner Harbor in Victoria is something I never tire of. I guess if there is one complaint it is that there are too many tourists down there. It's a busy place. We walked the Causeway. Strolled Government Street. We were bombed with pigeon poop, though poor Jared got the brunt of it. We bought him a new shirt to wear. He got hit good. We bought Rogers Chocolates and crossed the road to get Slurpees.

We drove out to Ogden Point and walked the breakwater. It was a beautiful day. I think the boys enjoyed it.

We also drove up to Coombs which is up the island a ways. We enjoyed watching the goats up on the roof of the store and eating ice cream.

It was great to see friends and family. There is never enough time to see everyone you want to.

We left and visited friends just outside of Vancouver then drove the 12.5 hours to home the next day. I was glad to have stayed alert the whole time, but once we arrived in our driveway I realized my bum was numb and I needed to sleep NOW. Good thing Sean was ready and waiting for us and got our van unpacked in an orderly fashion.

Taking the kids on my own was a great experience, but it just didn't feel complete with Sean staying behind. I'm looking forward to him coming the next time.....yes, there will be a next time.

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