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Sunday, July 5, 2009

On the Road

We are on the road. Well, we will soon be to our destination. Back to the island we go to see family, but most of all to see a little baby who seems determined to stay cocooned in a mommy tummy.

Our first, first cousin EVER!!!! Come out. We are coming.

We've left Sean and Gracie behind and we miss them terribly. Here the rest of us are - on the road. One mom and four boys. I'm just trying to stay awake and sane as I do all this driving.
We are having fun. We spent way too much time in Banff yesterday. We shopped. We went on a Gondola ride up to the top of Sulphur Mountain. It was a mission: Get a kid who is afraid of heights and an anxiety ridden autistic kid up to the top of the mountain and stop to other kids from making it more difficult.

My question is why do paranoid kids believe what their older siblings tell them?

We did make it to the top and we had great fun. Jared loved it and was running around everywhere. The rest of us "slowpokes" couldn't even keep up.

We made a pit stop at Lake Louise and the boys got to see what is left of the glacier.
Jared lost a tooth while chewing on a Fruit Gusher and bled everywhere. The tooth fairy couldn't see in the dark that night and left a $2 coin under his pillow instead of $1. Lucky boy. The man tooth fairy always does a better job of that.
Today we drove to Washington State and are resting up for some shopping in the morning and back across the border in the afternoon. We'll hop on the ferry and spend a week on the island.
So far all children are alive, healthy, and unharmed. I am tired, but still sane and in a happy place. Sure miss Sean though. I hate being away from him.

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