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Friday, July 31, 2009


This is what you find when the dog is not being paid any attention.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Double Digits

Number 3 hit double digits today. Yes, the Jared is 10. I actually remember very clearly the events leading to his birth. It does not feel like a decade ago.

In so many ways it was like having a first child all over again and I wouldn't trade him for world. I feel so rich having him in my life.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Trip.....Some Highlights

While we were on Vancouver Island we did some tourist type things because we never seemed to do it while we actually lived there.

Going down to the Inner Harbor in Victoria is something I never tire of. I guess if there is one complaint it is that there are too many tourists down there. It's a busy place. We walked the Causeway. Strolled Government Street. We were bombed with pigeon poop, though poor Jared got the brunt of it. We bought him a new shirt to wear. He got hit good. We bought Rogers Chocolates and crossed the road to get Slurpees.

We drove out to Ogden Point and walked the breakwater. It was a beautiful day. I think the boys enjoyed it.

We also drove up to Coombs which is up the island a ways. We enjoyed watching the goats up on the roof of the store and eating ice cream.

It was great to see friends and family. There is never enough time to see everyone you want to.

We left and visited friends just outside of Vancouver then drove the 12.5 hours to home the next day. I was glad to have stayed alert the whole time, but once we arrived in our driveway I realized my bum was numb and I needed to sleep NOW. Good thing Sean was ready and waiting for us and got our van unpacked in an orderly fashion.

Taking the kids on my own was a great experience, but it just didn't feel complete with Sean staying behind. I'm looking forward to him coming the next time.....yes, there will be a next time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm an Auntie.........Finally

Finally!!!!! And I don't just mean because the little critter was 8 days late.

What I mean is for the last 14 years, Sean and I have been doing all the procreating work to provide offspring for both sides of the family.

Now don't get me wrong. My brother and his wife are 10 years younger than me and were just married almost three years ago and my sibs-in-law are 16 and 17 years younger than me respectively.

It just means that because of all this age difference, I'm the only one around here that didn't have Auntie duties. But now I do.

I can now pass the the proliferation torch on to the younger generation and focus on other things. But when I look at little Ethan I wonder which of my kids I can trade him for.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm not one to use my kids as guinea pigs in some kind of science experiment, but I do like to observe their reactions from time to time to events that occur in their lives.

Vacations away from home always bring out a new side to everyone. I don't think anyone likes change, even when it's temporary.

The boys are supercharged at the moment. They are bored at the same time. Who wouldn't be with all this driving. I am finding myself refereeing much more than usual and I anticipated this. I know what I signed up for with this trip.

It's been interesting watching Jared. The farther we get away from home and he is away from his bed, the more autistic behaviors I see. He is perseverating far more. His stimming behaviors are far more apparent than usual. He is making funny sounds over and over. He can't sit still to save his life.

Jordan was up to his eyeballs, frustrated by all this and becoming quite mean to Jared. I finally had a chance to sit with him and explain what was going on. It's hard on the siblings. You don't want to be embarrassed and ashamed of your brother, but you are. When public displays present themselves, it's the siblings that desperately want it to end. It's harder when your brother "looks" totally normal. I think the boys would feel better if Jared had a more "visible" disability. I know they are trying their best though and it's not easy for them. I know they wish they didn't feel that way.

For me it's eye opening to see Jared outside of the home environment. I experienced this when we went to the zoo as well. When we hear how he is at school, our first thought is that we don't really see that in the home. I take for granted the safety of our home to him. It's the world that I really need to prepare him for. It's scary, unpredictable, and lacking security for a person who needs safety, trust, and order to function anywhere close to "normal."

I watch the reactions of other people. Mostly at this point it's like they don't know what he is doing, but it's odd and he's cute. At times they look at me like I don't have enough control over him. For me, I don't care. For him, it kills me.

It kills me for my other boys too. I want them to be proud of each other. I want them to defend and care for each other. I get that they are children and this is a work in progress that is a lifelong thing. I get that there is a certain amount of animosity towards Jared for the embarrassment they feel often and for the time with Sean and I that gets taken away from them. I get all that.

I think they have a right to feel all that they do. I just wish it didn't have to be so hard.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

On the Road

We are on the road. Well, we will soon be to our destination. Back to the island we go to see family, but most of all to see a little baby who seems determined to stay cocooned in a mommy tummy.

Our first, first cousin EVER!!!! Come out. We are coming.

We've left Sean and Gracie behind and we miss them terribly. Here the rest of us are - on the road. One mom and four boys. I'm just trying to stay awake and sane as I do all this driving.
We are having fun. We spent way too much time in Banff yesterday. We shopped. We went on a Gondola ride up to the top of Sulphur Mountain. It was a mission: Get a kid who is afraid of heights and an anxiety ridden autistic kid up to the top of the mountain and stop to other kids from making it more difficult.

My question is why do paranoid kids believe what their older siblings tell them?

We did make it to the top and we had great fun. Jared loved it and was running around everywhere. The rest of us "slowpokes" couldn't even keep up.

We made a pit stop at Lake Louise and the boys got to see what is left of the glacier.
Jared lost a tooth while chewing on a Fruit Gusher and bled everywhere. The tooth fairy couldn't see in the dark that night and left a $2 coin under his pillow instead of $1. Lucky boy. The man tooth fairy always does a better job of that.
Today we drove to Washington State and are resting up for some shopping in the morning and back across the border in the afternoon. We'll hop on the ferry and spend a week on the island.
So far all children are alive, healthy, and unharmed. I am tired, but still sane and in a happy place. Sure miss Sean though. I hate being away from him.