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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is Reality

A friend of mine once commented that some blogs seem to only exist to show the world how happy and wonderful one's life is.

This would not be one of those blogs. Hey, if I am ticked about something or if life is crappy I'll share. What person's life is perfect anyway?

School is winding down. Frankly, I think June is a gong show. About this time every year (except last year because the kids were pulled from school the end of May) I want to strangle my children.

It's not really all their fault. They're done with school. Everyone at school is done with school. It's getting hot out. It's WAY too light out at bedtime. June is a struggle. Kids are hyper about summer vacations. Kids are anxious about the prospect of a new grade and teacher. Kids don't know how to react to a change in routine.

Still, I want to strangle my kids. Jackson is in high anxiety mode. I feel sorry about that, but the slamming doors, the "I hate you", the high shrilled screaming, and the mouthiness is drying up the mommy sympathy well. Jared is all over the map at school. Again, he comes by it honestly, but I am done. Jordan is using his frustration to aggravate Jared, which he knows is easy to do. Jared is an easy target for excessive teasing and bullying. Jordan is getting high on Jared's emotional cliff jumping. James is being a teenager. 'Nuff said.

In a couple of weeks we will be done school and off on a trip to visit family. I am white knuckling it until then.

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Shelli said...

I love that I have friends who have kids older than mine. I will always have a place to go and gain wisdom from those who have gone before. Love it. I must admit I get a little tired (or alot) of the picture perfect blogs myself. Just a little reality please!