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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Second Alberta Father's Day

Since we have been here a year, I have spent some time looking back at blogs to see what we were doing on a given day. It was a crazy year and I love thinking about how far we have come in twelve short months. Last June was particularly rainy and on Fathers' Day we were out walking at a park on a sunny day.

No such luck today. We have experienced some hot sunny weather this month. There has been little rain and not one thunder storm. It's dry and I can tell we won't enjoy green vegetation for as long as we did last summer. Today, however, is cooler and it looked like rain would come. It hasn't yet, but you never know.

Nevertheless, at least this year the boys were armed with school made Fathers' Day gifts for Sean, something we didn't have last year. Sean's not a big Fathers' Day kind of guy so we kept things low key.....roast chicken, potatoes, veges, and salad. The best part was pie for dessert.

This past week some women from our church sneaked away one evening and made and froze enough apple pies for each of the men in our congregation. It was fun to do and none of the men knew about it. Every year on Mothers' Day we are presented with chocolates or potted plants or flowers. It was fund to do something in return to express our love for them and it was fun to keep them in the dark.

So maybe not so low key, but Sean will have to deal with it. We love him.

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Shelli said...

It feels like you have been gone forever and like you just left yesterday, all at the same time!