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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Repeat Performance

Today I was called to be the music specialist in our ward. For anyone unaware of Mormon congregational terminology, a ward is our congregation.

Anyway, when we left Duncan I was the choir director and was truly sad to lose that job when we moved. I started out that call not knowing what I was doing. By the time we left I felt like I sort of knew what I was doing. Now I am going to have the chance to do it again and I am rather excited about the whole thing.

I love music. I love all kinds. I especially love to sing. I love to find music and make it come alive. I love getting a nice sound out of a group of people.

We start in two weeks and I don't know who will show up, but I am hopeful.

James was asked to speak in church on Sunday. Mother's Day. He's been asked to speak on the subject of honoring women. Can you possibly imagine how difficult it is for me to keep my nose out of this one? Anyone who knows me knows how many opinions I have on that. Aghhhh!!!!!!

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