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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doggy Doo Doo and Stuff

Three years ago the boys started asking for a pet. A dog. We said not yet since we were not feeling settled yet. We compromised with hamsters - three of them I think. We buried them all.
We moved. The boys said dog time. We said not until we buy another home and are settled. We listed the house. We decided to wait a year to sell. At that point I felt like making them wait longer was unfair. I also thought a dog would give the boys some responsibilities over the summer break and lead to less video game playing. They needed another outlet. Enter dog.

Two weeks ago Sean and I started looking for a puppy. I think we were both half serious about it at the time, but as we kept looking we became more excited about it.

Since Sean has proven that he cannot sire a female offspring, we decided we wanted a girl puppy. This way he can have the girl he always wanted and perhaps that tender daddy side will emerge as is usually the case of fathers of daughters.

I am a cat person. Sean is allergic to cats. This whole dog thing is quite foreign to me, and I think Gracie knows. She is a Sean fan. I really quite like her, but she is a daddy's girl.

Gracie came paper trained, but at this point you wouldn't know it. She'll do her business on paper if she is in the vicinity of the paper, but if she is on the lower floors she'll relieve herself on the nice soft carpety paper. Potty training all over again. I hope she doesn't take as long as the boys did.

My house smells like poo.

We have our handy dandy dog obedience book. We have a lovely little bed for her. We have baby gates to secure a perimeter for tomorrow when we are all out for a few hours and she is alone. We even have food she will eat. I think this is a start.

We have a baby all over again......just a fuzzier kind.


Nancy said...

I've been there with the puppy situation. Two words of advice-crate training. Google it.(Wish I'd had Google back then)Seriously, it's a live saver and will make your life so much easier when you're out of the house, trying to sleep, taking a vacation and the dog needs to stay in a kennel, etc. etc. A couple nights of whining will mean years of easier dog ownership!

Shelli said...

How's it going?