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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Week in Review

This week James and Jordan started their 4 week support group for siblings of kids with ASD. I hear they didn't talk much but did listen and participate to a degree. I think they liked hearing the stories from the other children present about their siblings. Our boys probably thought they were the only kids in the world to have a brother that drove them nuts. NEWS FLASH!!!!!! Not so. James went as far as to say that Jared wasn't so bad. Nice. This is going to be a good experience for them.

This week I made James get a haircut. For the past few months I have let him grow it out a bit. It's not long, but it's definitely more scruffy than the rest of his friends with less cool moms who force them to have short hair. This week I finally had enough. James' hair grows in thick and frizzy. You could have little birds nesting in it. It is on the coarse side and he looks like a Q-tip. So I took him to a cute girl who does men's cuts almost exclusively. He looks so much better. He hates it. I don't care, I like it. Now he needs to style it which will be another battle. I'm in no rush for him to like girls, but perhaps if he did enough to make his noggin look attractive, that would be okay.

James is currently away in Banff on a band trip. He's having a good time and I am anticipating a present when he gets home because I told him he had to bring me a chocolate, specifically Rogers Chocolate (http://www.rogerschocolates.com/) if he finds a store that carries it. He's making new friends and having fun with existing ones. We also went to an information night at the high school he will be attending in the fall. High School??????? Man, I am too young for that!

Jordan is learning Japanese this week, thanks to the fact that my parents are here for the week. Heaven forbid I get around to it. It's nice to see his enthusiasm for it and that he in interested in learning something about part of his heritage. With a Japanese Grandma around for a week you can learn a lot of Japanese for an almost 11 year old. He's went for a sleep over last night to a friends house. It's been quite around here for the last couple of days with boys away. We recently finished up his middle school registrations. He's excited to move up from elementary. I am excited to deal with the scheduling of three different schools. Note sarcasm.

Jared had a difficult week transitioning back into school after our spring break. We were all anticipating it so no big surprises. The great thing was that when you see the results of redirection now you also see the great strides that have taken place over the year. He has come so far and we are so excited about that. This week his obsession is collecting phone numbers and this has freaked some of the kids out. We've been working though it. Our running is improving. He doesn't want to run faster now that he can complete a mile. This has been a struggle because I want to run faster. Did I just say that?

Jackson seems to have flown under the radar this week. I don't know if I have mentioned this ever, but I am so blessed to have this little boy who has such a sweet disposition. He just does his own thing and cuddles me when he forgets that he's "too old for that" (his words). I know that he bears a feeling of responsibility for his older brother which is sad since he's only 7. The other week he saw Mrs. W (Jared's teacher) and said, "Mrs. W! How is my Jared today?" I really hope he gets to have her as a teacher.

I finally called the family support office that is supposed to make my life easier. They are changing workers for our area. They are going to call me back. Still waiting. I did a job at work in 8 minutes that takes one of my co-workers 25 minutes. I don't know what she does with her time, but I am thinking I may try to beat her to those tasks that take her away for too long. Work is an interesting place.

Spring is here usually. We were having lovely warm weather and now it's cool with snow flurries. Sean got a sunburn on Wednesday and on Friday was unable to work due to the temperature and snow on the ground. After all the griping people do about the cold extended winter we had, it only took two days of heat to hear griping about the heat. Suck it up!!!!!

That's our week. Not very exciting, but hey, that can be good sometimes.

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