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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Week in Review

The last 8 days have been busy. I spent most of the time wanting to die. We've all been out of commission in some way. Except for Jared. He was fine. He was the only one.

Last Friday (3rd) James had his wisdom teeth removed. Sean and I knew in the days approaching dentist day that we were getting sick. We both woke up Friday morning feeling very much less than stellar, but the show must go on and I took James for his date with surgery. I learned a couple of things about him. First, he was pretty good staying calm despite his nervousness. He drove us all insane last week asking questions about the surgery that we could not answer and if we could answer the question we knew he was only going to ask the same questions at least 50 more times. Like the answer would change....right. Second, James has uncooperative veins, especially when he is dehydrated. The nurse poked him in three different places on his arms with no luck. They left it to the anesthesiologist. He did it first try, but then that is why he gets the big bucks.

James gave me permission to publish these (like he had a choice). This was James in recovery. I was planning to video him with my Blackberry, and didn't realize I needed a media card to do it so that plan was thwarted. I was actually impressed that James was coherent enough on the way home to write notes to me since his mouth was so full of gauze. He rested well in the afternoon and the only times he caused trouble was when he would come upstairs, turn deathly white and fall to the floor because he couldn't stand anymore. He did this about four times.

Sean and I spent most of Friday afternoon to Monday morning in bed being sick and only moving to do some parental obligations. We were a sorry pair. We really felt awful and I was mad that I was in that state for the second weekend in a row.

We had to leave the house briefly on Saturday because our realtor was holding an open house (oh, our house is listed) so we crashed in the van at a park for 90 minutes. What a sorry sight we were. James was in pain. Jordan was nauseous. Sean and I were sick. Jared and Jackson were happy....irritatingly so....and played at the park.

Sunday was a write-off.

Monday came and it was back to work. Sean was booked solid for the week for window washing. I was off to the bank. James stayed home. Jordan stayed home. Jackson woke up looking like this..........he stayed home, but was a complete terror. No fever. No pain. I figured if it was contagious it was probably before the spots appeared. He was a little tomato. So on Tuesday I wrote a note to his teacher not to be alarmed by his appearance and sent him to school.

I went into ugly cough at work in front of customers three times. I couldn't breath. My skin went red and blotchy. My eyeballs turned an alarming shade of maroon. Of course there were tears everywhere. By Tuesday I was on a strict diet of cough syrup which seemed to keep me in line until Thursday when I forgot to take it.

On Tuesday all but James were back to school. This gave him a chance to visit with Sean's family who arrived as we were heading out to work and school. They stayed with us Tuesday night before heading on to Calgary for more visits and back to the island.

Thursday I attended my great uncle's funeral. He was 90 years old. I learned he water skied until he was 82 and was on the roof last Christmas hanging lights.

We got two boys registered for middle school and high school respectively. I survived a half mile run. I almost didn't survive the mile we did today. James is starting to be able to open his mouth and eat. We have prayed for this day. Spots are gone. Sickness is slowly leaving the premises, but the cough lingers.
The weather has been wonderful the last few days. Indeed with Sean outside washing windows now I worry that the white man will be darker than me in no time and I don't know how I feel about that. Anyway, this is Jared and me after our run today and shortly after I almost died over the kitchen sink. He's running the mile without stopping now and I am feeling more comfortable with it too. I think I've convinced him he can also run the half mile, but this has been a bone of contention between us. He was always saying he could run the mile but the half was so hard. Jared loves his thermals and I hope he will give them up for the season soon. He looks like a bike courier. I love it. The other boys shake their heads at him, but I love his sense of style most of the time.

Easter is tomorrow and I am preparing too much food. James will only be able to eat the mashed potatoes and some mushy broccoli. Jordan will only eat the mashed potatoes and broccoli. Jared will eat most of dinner. Jackson will decide last minute which brother to emulate. My bet is Jordan. That leaves a large turkey (I got one for free from a bank client) for Sean and me. I think I know what next week's menu will be.

Happy Easter!!!!!

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