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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some Sanity in the World of Feminism

I am not a bra burning feminist. I like my bras, thank you very much. However I do consider myself interested in the rights of women and feel strongly that we shouldn't have to fight so hard on issues such as equal pay, sexual harassment, and equal opportunities.

There are issues I do not identify with and at times I wonder if my brand of feminism is different from others. I have never had a problem with the fact that the word "woman" has the word "man" in it. I don't have issue being referred to as the "chairman" when I am in such a position.

I remember a few years back reading about the first voting opportunity the women of Afghanistan had after the fall of the Taliban rule. They were threatened with harm and death if they voted, yet they came out and stood in line and I cried and was in awe of their bravery and strength.

I read an opinion piece from a newspaper last week that echoed some of my feelings about some of the things that as women we take for granted. I thought I would link it here so I can remember and maintain my own perspective.


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