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Monday, March 16, 2009

Run for Fun??

The last couple of weeks has brought the flu into our home. Sean was "down" for about 5 or 6 days though he worked on the bathrooms the whole time. James missed school for a day or two for two consecutive weeks and still has a lovely cough. Jordan came down with the flu and has been on his back for two days. The rest of us are still waiting to be slammed.

Jared decided a few weeks ago that he wanted to play on a soccer or baseball team. This has brought some uneasy moments for me as I was left to decide what I should do about it. Team sports has not always been the venue for success for Jared. With his challenges in the emotional and motor skills departments, you need a great coach to get anywhere close to a good experience.

Sean and I discussed the matter. I consulted Jared's teacher at school. I really wanted to get Jared involved in something. Emotionally unstable and frustrated kid with a baseball bat was not my idea of fun.

Along comes the running club at school. Better yet, along comes a kid's marathon at the end of May. Jared loves to run. In this program, by the time the marathon date comes Jared would have run almost the equivalent to a regular marathon. So we signed up for running club and the marathon. For $25 he gets to run and will get a t-shirt and medal at the end. Three mornings a week the running club trains and by the marathon date Jared should be ready to run. I think it's a couple of miles and he would have run about 24 by the end of May.

In my eagerness to get him started, I committed to running with him. I have not run in about three hundred years. Indeed I hate running. It hurts. My airways hate it. And through all the pain and breathing discomfort, I tell him to keep going because it's a piece of cake and he can do it. I lie through my teeth.

The worst part was that on Saturday morning as I was lying in bed with sore muscles, my body wanted to go running. Are you kidding me? Stranger still, I listened and obeyed and Jared and I went for a run together. I must be crazy.

I am happy that Jared is excited about his "sport". This is what we are calling it. He is a runner. Once we get back into swim lessons he will also be a swimmer. He gets to play soccer at school. That's for fun and he is okay with that.

My job is to keep him focused and get a little fitter along the way. Win. Win.

Later this week....Jordan and basketball.

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Shelli said...

I have to concur with running and the dislike of it, so good for you! And what a great thing for Jared.