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Monday, March 23, 2009

Odds and Ends and Jordan's Basketball Career

Most of the pictures of Jordan playing basketball were butt shots, but I did find this profile shot and one action shot that I thought would suffice for today's blog. Jordan is really enjoying his basketball experience and improving with each game. We'll need to look into a basketball camp for him.

This past weekend was so spring-like. We spent Saturday finishing off some things around the outside of the house. We did some painting and cleaning.

In the late afternoon we took the boys down to the ball fields to hit some softballs and play catch. It was a fun thing to do since we are not a "sporty" family. It showed, too, but we still enjoyed ourselves. We finished off our activity with some good ol' 7eleven and went home to await the rain. I swore I saw lightening out in the distance.

Eventually it did rain. Then it froze. Then it snowed. We woke up Sunday morning to winter once again. We went from shorts and sandals one day to sweaters and boots the next. Ahh, the life of Southern Alberta.

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