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Monday, March 2, 2009

Motherly Blunders

There are times when I really feel my children have a legitimate case for thinking of me as a "bad" mom. Most of the time I think I am rather awesome, but there are times when I think a rewind and redo are in order.

Take Jordan for example. Jordan is playing on his school basketball team. I am really excited about it because he has not been the most athletic kid in the past and is now trying something, enjoying it, and improving his abilities. I am not a huge sport mom....mostly because I am a bad sport mom.....and I decided a long time ago that I would not push the boys into any kind of organized sport. I ruined the whole idea for James when he was younger. I will not do that again to the rest of my boys.

Jordan's games are after school. I had a work meeting after hours on his first game day so I meant to arrange with Sean to pick him up after the game. I didn't communicate my idea very well so Sean thought I was picking Jordan up and I thought Sean was. With me so far???? So I get home at 5:20pm and Sean wonders where Jordan is. Off I go racing to the school and Jordan calls wondering where I am. Blunder #1.

On Sunday mornings I go to choir practice before services begin, so we end up taking two cars to church each Sunday. After church was done Sean and I split up the kids and each took two home. I arrived home first with Jared and Jackson. Sean arrived shortly after with James. No Jordan. I checked my cell phone and sure enough Jordan left a message that said something like, "Umm, you kind of left me behind. I'll be waiting by the front door." Seems Jordan thought he would take a shortcut to meet his dad and missed them and Sean thought Jordan followed me out to my car. Blunder #2.

Today I was determined to see Jordan's game. I was so prepared. It was at another school named after a senator, but in my head it was a general. So I got the address and directions I would need. It was a horribly busy today at work and I left very late. Late enough that I thought I would probably get there in time to pick him up and I felt awful about that. I got to the school and there was no one there....not a soul. So I called Sean and sure enough I was at the wrong school. Jordan called to see where I was. I called Sean back for directions to the right school - on the other side of town. So again I left him waiting and I missed his game. Blunder #3.

Jordan is awfully forgiving. He's joking about his next game. I would even call it teasing, but I am going to get this right. Really.

I really feel for working parents - moms and dads alike. Most jobs don't allow for flexibility to leave whenever they want. Mine doesn't have much, though after they hear about today I think I may get out earlier next time. They are still laughing about blunders #1 and #2. Wait till they hear the latest.

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Shelli said...

Too funny, Oh, the forgotten middle child!