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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bathroom Number 2, Part 2

Work continues on the upstairs bathroom. I will be happy when it's done so we get the shower closest to my bedroom back. I also find it interesting that when we have 3 toilets in the house there are not 4 people desperately needing to go to the bathroom, but with only 2 toilets functioning there are always 3 desperate folks hopping around.

Sean is working on the cabinet today. We realized earlier in the week that if we bought a base cabinet for the sink we would only get to use about three pieces of it.
It may be difficult to tell in this photo, but the back wall is slanted. On the other side is the stairwell going down to the first lower level of the house. We realized that we can't fit drawers in there and really there's no decent storage space period. So we (meaning Sean) are building our own cabinet that will end up holding cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper. We are purchasing premade doors from Home Depot for the front and crossing our fingers that it looks good enough.

The paint job on the tile was more challenging this time around, but it turned out well enough. I haven't taken a picture of the tub yet but it looks much better than before. I am SO looking forward to using the new shower.
We are grouting the tile this afternoon. I am so happy to see the old linoleum go. Next time we do a bathroom reno, I may opt for lino that has that ceramic tile look. When Sean went away to work with a friend building houses, he learned it was pretty easy to lay down lino. It's more cost effective and I won't stress as much when the boys splash water all over the floor.

Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday we will have our bathroom back and it's on to bathroom number 3 off the master bedroom.


daring one said...

I did not know you could paint tile. Seriously. What kind of paint are you using?

Mama Deb said...

Enamel paint. It is truly, toxically, smelly. It's amazing that our family is not dead since we painted both bathroom tubs in the dead of freezing winter and could not open any windows. You can find special kits in the paint department of a hardware store. I would bet it didn't cost us much more than $100 cdn to paint both tubs and tiles. Way cheaper than hiring someone to do the same thing or replacing the whole thing.

Shelli said...

I can't really help myself, I love 'cute'. I love your blogs new look as well!