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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bathroom Number 2, Part 1

Sean has begun the work of transforming bathroom number 2. Our plans have drastically changed for the renovation since the real estate market turned nasty. We have a two piece ensuite that was going to become a walk-in closet for the master bedroom and the existing closet in the master was going to become part of bathroom number 2. With me so far? Since the expense to make those changes were high, we opted to keep both bathrooms as is, but updated.

This is the texture of the walls. Someone thought it would be cool to wallpaper with some funky design and paint over it. It's almost impossible to remove in some places. We were able to peel it of around the shower, but may be left to try to sand off as much as possible for the rest. I think the finished work will still look textured, but a little less "in your face".
My biggest fear was the toilet and what was underneath. This picture was taken after we cleaned the linoleum. This is an area that smelled worse AFTER I cleaned it. As expected the subfloor under the lino is mushy and smelly. So no real surprises here, but a bummer nonetheless.
Before we run out and buy a new tub, we are going to try to salvage this one the best we can. There is some peeling going on and some bad patch jobs. We would like save ourselves the expense of ripping out and installing a new tub, which we will do if we have to, but we thought we would take our chances.
Say "bye, bye" to the green. I will be so glad to see it go. Sean is going to paint the existing tile white. That was not our original plan, but it was another area where we could save money. Bathroom number 1 turned out so well that we hope to have the same outcome on number 2.
The sink, fixtures, and base cabinet are all being replaced. The wall mirror/cabinet will stay and painted darker.

There's the plan. Sean is doing all the work on this one. I'm at work and he is spending the days that are too cold to work on this little project. I am looking forward to taking my first bath in this bathroom. Up to this point I just wouldn't dare.

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Shelli said...

Are you going to stay for a while in that house?
How is work? Sean? Jared? The other boys?