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Monday, January 26, 2009

11 Boys and a Mom

This weekend I survived the sleepovers of all sleepovers in our household history. James decided that he wanted to have a party and I being the cool mom wannabe said yes. So the inviting began and there were quickly 6 yeses and my four boys and a younger brother of a guest who is also a friend to Jordan who needed a place to be if his brother was coming and before I knew it I had a house of 11 boys and me. Sean was on his way home from Wainright where he has been working with a friend on a house.

Indeed I stressed about this party. I imagined the broken furniture, the spills on my new carpet, the knocked over bookcases, the noise......oh the noise, crying younger brothers, a killer headache, and the mess left in the aftermath, the stench of teenage boys still learning the benefits of deodorant. But I am a cool mom wannabe and I was set to see this through.

I provided food. I provided friendly waves to parents in cars dropping off their offspring. I provided discipline when Jared in all innocence said to a boy, "Ah....no offence, but......you're fat." I asked for mercy when I explained to the boys that Jared has some challenges we are still trying to determine and he doesn't always understand what is appropriate and what is not and could he please come back and spend time with you and he will do his best to be appropriate. I went to bed at midnight and told the boys they could stay up as long as they wanted provided they don't wake me up. I made a stellar breakfast in the morning.

What did I get in return? My furniture is in tact, my carpet is clean, my bookcases are upright, decent noise levels, happy babies, small headache, little mess, and no stench. The friend that fell victim to Jared's observations accepted his apologies and played Foosball with him. The boys stayed up until about 3am and left me in peace. They ate a hearty breakfast and each of them individually thanked me for making it.

Sean returned home during the party and together we managed quite well. Jackson was especially happy to have Dad home so he could get his loose tooth pulled out. I can't do that. It's gross.

Will we do this again? Absolutely. They were great. I think I got to be a cool mom for a moment, but I'm not asking for any child to back that up. I was cool, if only in my own world.

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Shelli said...

You brave woman, way to go! You definitely win 'cool mom' points fore that one.