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Thursday, January 8, 2009


With Christmas vacation over, this was Jared's first week back to school. He was nervous about it. I was nervous about it. His teacher was nervous about it. There were a lot of nerves.

The three of us arrived at school on Monday to find that the school district has authorized an itinerant to Jared's case for the next couple of months. Her job is to help put together a behavior plan, teach and assist Jared with implementing positive behaviors, and help him find more success in his interactions with others.

Jared always takes a while to warm up to a new person. He thought Miss P was creepy and told her so. Yes, we need to work on tact and when NOT to express one's thoughts. By today he thought she was getting better and told her so.

Things are not perfect, but Jared's teacher was feeling very positive as the week progressed. She is an awesome woman and I think she is just glad that she has been able to advocate for Jared and was heard by the powers that be.

He's only had one rough day and his teacher considered it a blessing in disguise. It was important for the itinerant to see what a bad day looks like. But overall his week has been amazing. He is getting work done. He got an A+ on a math exercise. He was thrilled. His teacher is setting up his day in such a way that she is getting maximum effort from Jared. He's back outside at recess and having mostly positive experiences.

There are things that still need to be addressed, but everyone is taking small steps to ensure that the majority of outcomes are successes so that Jared will be eager to take on greater challenges.

Jared, Sean and I went to the local mental health unit today and met with a therapist. It was a positive meeting and some good things came out of it. We are going to get the autism screening done. I really don't know what will come of it, but at least we can deal with the elephant in the room that it is and either take it off the table or not. There will be testing for him, a parental interrogation, and a hot shot psychiatrist from Calgary. Sounds like fun. Jared will see the therapist on a regular basis for a while. Hopefully she can help with some of the issues that Sean and I are not equipped to deal with at the moment.

So Jared's teacher is feeling empowered because she is seeing the fruits of all the noise she has made on Jared's behalf.

Jared is feeling empowered because he sees how his positive choices affect his day in a good way and that when he focuses on his work he has the smarts to do well.

I am feeling empowered because I am actively engaged in Jared's treatment. I don't feel so helpless anymore.

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Wednesday said...

I'm so glad to hear that Jared is getting the help that he needs. What a challenging time you have had ... good for you to remain so positive throughout. You inspire me. (miss you!)