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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Banjo Playing Sushi Chef????

Yesterday, Sean and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. 14 years. They've gone by so fast. We have done a lot of damage in that time. James, Jordan, Jared, and Jackson.....my goodness, what have we done????

We spent the day doing the usual romantic anniversary type stuff like grocery shopping and a lunch date to a Japanese restaurant we had not been to yet. The food was really good and we discovered the owner of the restaurant might actually be a real live Japanese person.

Call me a bigot. I prefer eating at Japanese restaurants owned by Japanese people. The quality, in my ever so humble opinion, is much better.

So as we were enjoying our lunch we hear the strumming of a loud instrument. At first I thought, "Cool, a shamisen," which is a stringed Japanese instrument, but realized quickly that it sounded more like a banjo.

Indeed it was, and out comes this man singing to some patrons for a birthday. The first song was a well known Japanese song. Then he sings You Are My Sunshine followed by Happy Baasuday (which made me certain he was a real Japanese person).

He later, at Sean's request, came back out and sang to us for our anniversary. It was fun and we will definitely go back there to eat again.

Later that afternoon I made Sean buy some new jeans. His old ones were all torn up and we are socializing tomorrow night. He needs some decent duds.....couldn't take him anywhere with what he had.

Now he owns the exact same pair of jeans that James owns and I've had to write their names on the inside labels to keep from mixing them up. Nice. You know your boys are growing when you have to be sure not to mix them up with your husband's clothes.


Nancy said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! We sometimes go to a Japanese restaurant that is owned by a Chinese man. He sings happy birthday in Chinese in an opera style, so I guess it's Chinese opera at a Japanese restaurant. The food is great though, it's one of those chop and grill places. Incidentally many of the grill chefs are Mexican. :)

Shelli said...