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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year End Wrap Up

What a crazy year it has been. Full of adventure, changes, challenges, hard work, and some fun here and there.

We couldn't end the year without Jordan getting a good kick in the face while sledding yesterday and Sean and his ladder taking a fall while washing windows today as some wind came in suddenly. Fortunately Jordan's mangled glassed were repaired and Sean landed in a hedge. It was close to not being a happy new year.

Jared is doing well. He was in the hospital for a month, coming home on the weekends. He was certainly ready to leave when the time came. During the last week of his stay he slowly went back to school much to his delight. The last week of school is a gong show on a good day. The fact that he handled it so well is a credit to him and the medications that seem to be taking the edge off his emotional pendulum and helping him stay focused. Overall he handled the whole season quite well. It was hard for him to leave something so structured and return to a place that had anything but with extra family and Christmas excitement abounding.

This next month will be the real test as life slows down to normal. Will he be able to use the skills he's learned at the hospital or will he backslide into his old habits? Will the school be able to reinforce the structure Jared needs to succeed? To be continued....

We are still covered in snow. We've had temperatures far lower than normal for this season. Folks around here are complaining about the lack of snow removal. The thing is, usually a warm Chinook comes and melts all the snow. There's not a need for a lot of snow removal equipment, but with the cold temperatures the snow sticks around.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the morning shovelling around the house with the help of Jared and Jackson. Can't say my body is feeling too spectacular today, but far better than last night.

There have been many events that have stretched our patience, wallets, and sanity. I can say while I don't wish the same on anyone, I have learned a thing or two and I continue to be amazed at how much I can handle when I don't think I can take any more. Oh, and thank goodness for our flood. Our basement looks so much nicer now.

We are hoping that the coming year brings us less stress and more movement in a forward direction, and we hope that for all of you too. Happy New Year!!

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Nancy said...

I hope your new year will go better than the last. You're right though that getting through difficult things can show us something about ourselves that we wouldn't see otherwise. Also many bad things, like your flood, end up bringing something good. We had a small flood from a burst pipe last week, so we're working on our basement now.