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Friday, December 12, 2008


The first coat of paint is on and molding will have to wait. Sean has the flu, I have the flu and a chest cold, and the hospital sent Jared home with tonsillitis and antibiotics. Yeah, we are a fine bunch.
Personally, I have been drugging myself with Dayquil and Nyquil and I found Otrivine with Menthol nose spray that I find quite pleasant. I haven't felt too awful until the last couple of hours. I don't want anymore Dayquil when I know I get the really good meds in an hour. Yes, I like drugs and floating and stuff.
It's snowing outside at the moment and the temperature is supposed to plummet tomorrow for the next few days. We are expecting -15 to -25 Celsius until next Friday. I don't have a block heater in the van so I am interested in seeing how long it takes till I can no longer start the thing. I don't mind being sick when it's too cold to go do much anyway. Hunkering down sounds good about now.


Shelli said...

Get better! Hopefully you will get it all over with and be healthy for Christmas. Have fun with your family.

Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

Sorry you guys aren't feeling well. get better soon. Also, your fireplace looks awesome! What a transformation. love you