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Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Beginning to Look Like Santa

The fam is beginning to arrive. Jared was discharged from the hospital (blog that later). The fireplace is pretty much done. The stockings are hung. The tree will be loaded with gifts for eleven of us. We reside in a winter wonderland at a chilly -30 degrees celsius today, but it should be in the balmy -teens by Christmas day. There is a dead bird in the deep freeze. The older boys are rehearsing for their parts in the Nativity Pagent next week and learning what frostbite really means. We are starting to eat way too much. I am singing in Christmas musical numbers at church on Sunday. We said our Merry Christmases to teachers yesterday. I am sick of shopping venues.

It's looking like the 25th must be near.

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Shelli said...

Your comment about the walls made me laugh out! The fire place looks great. Merry Christmas. Bundle up!