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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jared the Builder

Jared is a character. On of these days I will write all about him because I truly believe he was put here on this earth to touch the lives of people that come in contact with him in a meaningful way and teach them a thing or two about the virtues of life.
Jared gets hyperfocussed on things and this week it has been the lego box in his closet. We can hardly get him to eat or drink or speak to us. He is in his room for hours creating and building and nothing is to disturb him while he is in the zone.

He emerged this evening with his latest creations. He just astounds me.

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Mitsuko said...

Hi Jared,

What a genius boy you are to make legos like that!!!
I never thought that a 9 year old boy can do such a thing. Grandpa and Grandma are so proud of you. Keep doing good work, Jared !!!

Grandma Miko