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Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm a Mutt Too

In a talk with reporters the other day, Barack Obama called himself a mutt. The subject matter was what type of dog the Obama family would take to the White House.

When I read about it the other day, I thought, "Hmmmm......I wonder how that is going to turn out." I wasn't thinking that because I thought he said something inappropriate, but rather because he said it in such a casual way. The subject of race is a hot topic.....have you noticed?

You see, I'm a mutt too. My father is Caucasian and my mother is Japanese. Some how I turned out more Hispanic or Filipino looking, but I assure you I came out of a Japanese tummy. All my life folks would look at me oddly and the brave ones would ask "What are you?" To most people I look different, but I don't look like a purebred, so what am I?

I identify with both sides of my heritage. Culturally I serve two masters, and happily so, and I don't think either side should lay sole claim to me.

Whatever the outcome of Obama's leadership (my "non biased" Canadian view tells me two men who loved America ran for President), he said something powerful in those offhanded comments. He acknowledged what he was and it didn't matter. It wasn't a big deal.

So I echo that. It's no big deal.

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Nena Z said...

I'm glad you're open to that Deb. I just watched a video about two korean women who underwent surgery to westernize their eyelids (give them more of a fold). It's nice to know that the people close to you have embraced who they are and are unashamed to say that they're proud of that but that it's not something easily offended. Rock on.