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Monday, November 3, 2008

Food Storage Essentials

James is taking part in a service project with the other scouts from church to can food storage items for those who would like the opportunity to add to their food storage. I decided that I would stock up on powdered milk and sugar this year. That way our family can get our calcium and be on a sugar high through out whatever catastrophe comes our way.

We have a closet between our kitchen and laundry room that I am using to store certain items. Sean put shelving in there today and I am filling it with soup and other essentials that we need on a regular basis.

I decided to get my Torani Syrup Stash out from the garage today. I finally have some room for them in the house. Prior to moving to Alberta I headed down to Washington State to the closest Cash and Carry store (they are really cheap there) and stocked up on bottles of Torani. I purchased around 4 cases of product, knowing that it may be a couple of years before I get back to a store.

I am happy to report that I still have 58 opened and unopened bottles (I did have a few before the shopping trip). We are set for a while longer.

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