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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bargin Birthday Bash

Well not really, but it happened on his birthday so we figure that counts.

We celebrated James' birthday on Saturday because we were all going to see a movie together as a family and he was nagging about opening his presents. There are certain things I have learned such as pick your battles and so this was a no brainer. What did I care if he opened gifts a couple of days early.

It worked out to be a really good idea in the end. I needed to head out to Calgary on Monday and Jordan had the chance to see a friend there since they both had the day off school. Jared had a birthday party to attend Monday night. James had a friend who won an award in school that came with a prize......a limo ride for him and his closest friends (and his little brother and sisters) to Pizza Hut for dinner, a movie for previously mentioned persons, and a limo ride home. James was invited and it just so happened it was for Monday night.

I think James spent most of his birthday playing with his new Zune mp3 player so he would have ignored us all anyway. Jordan got to see his friend. Jared got to socialize with school classmates outside of school. I got to buy some furniture for the basement and lunch with my good friend Kristy, which is always a treat for me.

I think it was a win/win birthday. James had a birthday celebration with his family and he also got to spend the day with friends doing something really cool and it didn't cost me a dime.

On a side note, he's really glad to be finally 13. Most of his friends are at least a full head shorter than James and his voice is changing and theirs are not. He's the youngest in the bunch....the last to enter teenagerdom. Now he is official.....a snarky, smelly, pimply, grumpy, sassy, rotten, good for nothin' teenager!!!! I love it.

But remember, this is all about me. I am much too young to be the mom of a teenager. And I know some of you will be younger than I am now when your kids become teens or were younger when your kids became teens, but that doesn't matter. I don't care. We are talking about me here. I am much too young and immature for this sort of thing. Much too young.

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