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Saturday, October 25, 2008


We enjoyed a great evening last night in Calgary. My aunt threw a Halloween party with great games, food and fun. The boys looked forward to this party with much anticipation and were certainly not disappointed. Even better was the fact that they got to wear their costumes early and I am not left to scramble for costumes this week because we were prepared for this party.
I must say that my kids usually do not look as good as they did for the party. Halloween is not normally a huge issue for me. I do Christmas. I am a Christmas as soon as American Thanksgiving is over kind of gal. I have to say it was fun getting the kids ready this year and I may have to rethink my Christmas only stance.

Jackson (I will bite you and you will become one of my minions) Vampire

Jared (I've been wearing this outfit for almost 3 weeks already) Ninja.

Jordan (talked out of being a grim reaper for the second year in a row) Man in Black (aka. Tommy Lee Jones) or Secret Service Agent........you choose.

James Angus (AC DC) Young - rock star - playing Back in Black with my cousin Jake. May I say I don't much like the music but I get all proud seeing him do this.

This will probably be our Christmas 2008 family photo. Merry Christmas folks.

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