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Friday, October 10, 2008

Feed the Bug and Paint the House

It was a cold, cold day today. It was perfect weather to try out our new winter jackets that will keep us alive in -30 Celsius. It wasn't anywhere near that of course, but man was it chilly!!!

Today was Feed the Bug Day. It's a fun way for the students at various schools in the community to participate in a food drive for our local food bank. The students brought in their non perishables this week and stuffed all this......

.......into these

Imagine 410+ students, teachers, and parents out in front of the school loading up Volkswagen Beatles and chanting "feed the bug!!!!". It was the best organized chaos ever!! The kids all had a blast and the fact that this school can donate and fill two bugs was amazing to me.
James' school fed their bugs yesterday....actually Hummers (much cooler for preteens) and I believe they filled three vehicles with food.

It was a real heartwarming activity on a cold day.

On the home front, Sean worked to finish painting the house before the anticipated snowfall this evening. It will be nice to have the house all one color finally.


Shelli said...

What color are you painting it?

Mama Deb said...

We are painting it the darker green. The pea soup color was just not cutting it.

Nancy said...

What a fun idea for a food drive! Our house is about that same color. We have a little painting left too, but I doubt we'll get it done this fall. I'm not ready to think about snow yet, yikes!