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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Developing An Inner Compass.....

......And I'm not talking moral uprightness, though that is good too.

No, I am talking about compasses of the directional, outdoors sort that seem to be built into the anatomy of most Albertans. Everything is north, south, east, west, and all things in between. This has taken some getting used to for a British Columbia gal accustomed to winding roads and hills.

Conversations usually go as follows:

Someone: "Where do you live?"

Me: I tell them

Someone: "What side of the street?"

Me: Long pause, "Umm, the odd number side."

Someone: "Oh, the south side of the street."

Me: "Okay."

I just try to look like I know what folks are talking about when they start giving directions about going down one road south then turning west onto the next road then turning south again and finally reaching your destination on the east side of that road. The office is located on the north end of the building.

I admit I am getting better and I do like the numbered streets and avenues. It's easy to find places.

I remember my grandpa hating Victoria roads because they were winding and did not follow the north/south/east/west thing. I guess if I lived in Alberta all my life, Victoria roads would bug me too.

I do hope that one day I will be able to talk the directional talk with the rest of the gang and not have to strain my senses to figure all this out.

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The Roelofs said...

Deb, that is funny you say that. That is one thing that bothered me about Victoria is not knowing which way was north or south or what. Also here in Cedar Rapids. The city is made up NW, NE, SE, SW but it is not a true SE, etc. It is between a river and the 1st Ave road that separates all of them. It is crazy. I guess it is from growing up in Southern Alberta that we are accustomed to that. ENJOY! Carrie