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Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Family Vacation

Last week we set out on a little family jaunt up to Drumheller to experience the dinosaur wonders of the area. I having been promising the boys for the last 3 years that we would go there, and finally with no ferry or 15 hours of driving to deal with I knew it was time to go.

We left early Friday morning with directions from google maps and set out on secondary highways through farmlands, a Blackfoot reservation, and a hidden valley called Hidden Valley to the badlands of Drumheller.

The Tyrell Museum is a must for any little boy or big boy who ever had a thing for dinosaurs. We really enjoyed the displays of fossils, bones, and re-creations. Sometimes it was even a little scary. Ask Jackson.

REALLY.......Sean is happy to be here. He loves family outings and vacations.

After the museum we went back to town and blew $10 for the chance to climb some 108 steps to the teeny tiny viewing area inside the mouth of the world's largest Tyrannosaurus Rex. You do get a nice view of the valley, but once we were at the top the boys were ready to go down again. Appreciating the view was not on the agenda.

We headed on down the Hoodoo Trail to see ........hoodoos. They are the coolest looking things. We walked around the area to see ones forming on the sides of the mountains and ones free standing.

This is the best family shot we could get. I totally appreciate the difficulty in getting a good group shot....Shelli, I'm with you.......I think we all like being a family, but I'm the only one willing to document the fact that we are.

The Drumheller landscape is amazing to me. It's not the lush green of British Columbia, with it's trees and ocean and great mountains, but it's still beautiful to me. There's something gritty and raw to it's look. You find the layers of minerals and sediment that formed the terrain. There's nothing to hide behind. Everything is exposed.

After the better part of a day was spent exploring we headed to Calgary and stopped at Horseshoe Canyon. I was not sure what I was expecting, but I did not anticipate finding it in the middle of the rolling fields of whatever it was that was growing. It's this canyon shaped like a horseshoe and it's surrounded by flatness. Again, one of those amazing formations. It's would have been fun to hike down, but we lacked time and I lacked footwear. When we left in the morning I slipped on my $9 Walmart Birkenstock knock offs that are beyond falling apart. I wasn't even thinking and realized my error half way to Drumheller.

We stayed with my aunt and uncle, Toni and Brent, and with birthdays in the air we finished off our stay with a family breakfast party complete with prizes. James got to jam with my cousin Jake which was so much fun to hear. We left Calgary and headed back home and promptly went back to work on the house.

Re-entry was not eased into. The day before we left, James and I stained 100 fence boards. We are now in the process of putting those up, but unfortunately today it's raining. Hey, I thought we ran away from this when we moved out here.

School begins tomorrow and the boys are excited and I am very excited (with a touch of motherly nerves). My baby starts first grade and I am thinking I should be very emotional about this. I wasn't emotional about the first one starting school. There must be something wrong with me. Maybe it will hit later. I'll keep you posted.

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Shelli said...

Looks like so much fun. Love the shot of you and Sean. He looks like he is having a blast! Someone should tell him that posh spice has already covered the no smile photo. You by the way look great. Love your hair. It is the first day of school today. Just dropped off the kids and in less than 2 hours it is pick up time. Tell me, what is the point of that?