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Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Eyes Were...Umm....Moist???

Yesterday was a much better day for Jackson. He made a friend. He ate most of his lunch rather than having it stepped on. He drew a picture of himself. He's gonna pass grade 1. I just know it.

Today when I took the boys to school, Jackson took off as soon as I parked the car. Off he went skipping down the sidewalk. I didn't get a goodbye. Not a hug. Not even a, "later". Gonzo. He left me with my other just as wonderful boys, who don't smell near as sweet anymore, to walk to the school grounds.

My eyes were briefly moist. His level of dependency on me just dropped a notch. He was entering a new chapter of his ever expanding world and embracing it with enthusiasm. My eyes teared up......for about 10 seconds.

Another mom and I were discussing the whole issue of "cutting the umbilical cord" and how hard it is. She with her firstborn, me with my baby. It occurred to me that I really need to celebrate that break. Jackson's growing and progressing and it won't happen if I hold the leash too tight.

So as I sit here and wonder what I will do today because I don't feel like cleaning my house, or reading a book, or sorting through the masses of school newsletters in front of me, I will rejoice in the journey all my boys are on.....with me at times on the sidelines cheering them on.

Now, I think I will make a strawberry banana smoothie guaranteed not to be shared with anyone.

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