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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life Can Be Tough

While I was relishing in my new found childlessness, Jackson was having a different sort of day.

Yesterday was his first day of grade one and he was pumped. He's been pumped for the last two weeks. School was cool. School was awesome. School was full of friends. School was all that and a jug of chocolate milk.

I went to pick him up after school and found him in his classroom looking rather surly and a teaching assistant trying to coax him back into happiness. Battle lost. Jackson had a terrible first day. It was game over for the kid. He didn't want to do anything. No work. No pictures. He was quitting school. Who needs it anyway. He was a train wreck and nothing he could do made it better.

I don't think I would even get out of bed if I knew I would have his kind of day.

He didn't make any friends on his first day. He played alone on the playground. He dropped his sandwich on the ground and some kid stepped on it accidentally. He fell and bruised his elbow. He scratched the side of his face. He scratched his eye at some point in the day. While I was talking to his teacher after school he got more upset and banged his head against the wall causing a bump to appear. He was mortified and tried to run down the hall away from us but tripped over his backpack and went crashing down. Even more humiliated he took off down the hallway, but eventually came back. I took him home and he found his hammock for his stuffies was broken and had to go in the trash. Later in the evening he brought his phonics books box to me for reading time and accidentally dumped all 21 books on the floor. He's worried he will fail grade one.

He knew his day was bad. That's as bad as it gets, I think. How sad for a mere six year old.

I gave him the pep talk this morning. I also told him even when things are bad, you still have to be nice to your teacher and do the work. Anyone can pass grade one as long as you try your best. Mommy loves you. School is a must job. Things will get better. Mommy loves you.

Then I left him to the wolves at school, keeping my fingers crossed that I will see him this afternoon in a better mood.

Yes, some days should be spent in bed away from the world.

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Jen Young said...

Aww! Poor Jackson! I hope the rest of his days this week will go much better.