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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Journey to My Youth

Flying just doesn't hold the same kind of excitement for me now that I have a husband and children. I find I am more tense and praying that nothing bad happens.

I flew back to the island today. My 20 year high school reunion is tomorrow evening and so here I am.

My first plane was an 18 seater where everyone had a window seat. I can't say the sensation of leaning forward while in descent mode or feeling like the only thing stopping you from sliding off your seat was your seat belt during same descent mode was the most enjoyable part of my trip. At least the next plane was a 48 seater and we had a great view of the ground for the entire flight. I must say the in flight snack has got me wanting some corn chips in a bad way.

Note to self: Must buy corn chips tomorrow.

I rented a car and survived the drive into Victoria on the Pat Bay Speedway. I am driving a rental.....stay away from my car!!!! That's all I ask.

This weekend I will have a chance to see friends I just recently said good bye to and friends I last saw on graduation day. I will see my family.

Sean and the boys are back home, and I have to say I miss them. While I hope to enjoy time reminiscing about the past, it is the present that brings me the most joy.

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