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Friday, September 5, 2008

End of Week Updates

Jordan was complaining about his cast so I took him to see the doctor about taking it off. This was what we found underneath. Yuck.

We had new x-rays taken today and it was apparent he needed a couple more weeks in a cast so he's got a new blue one stuffed with padding.

It's clean. It doesn't chafe the skin. Life is good.

Sean completed the paving stone work on our new courtyard and ran out of the 100 stained fence boards that James and I worked on last week. There is still house painting to do and a gate to build, but I thought posting some before and afters now would be nice. I plan on putting in some shrubs in pots though it may not be until the spring.


Almost After

We finally picked up our kitchen cabinets this evening. Here they are!!

Pretty beautiful.

The electrician told us we lived in a miracle house. It's a miracle we haven't burned to the ground. We now have our new control panel with wires going into the right places. The air conditioner is disconnected. Next week we will have our kitchen electrical outlets. Something tells me the chaos is just beginning.

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