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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Social Responsibility

It's difficult for anyone to move to a new place and meet new people. Perhaps there are some extra ordinary extroverts out there in the world, but I definitely am not one of them. I am one of those who must constantly convince herself that people aren't rolling their eyes when they answer my phone call.

But I like people. I like social contact. I don't find joy in confining myself to the walls of my own little world so I make an effort to connect with others. I push myself. I do it not only for myself, but also for my boys. I would hate for them to miss out on friendships because their mother is aloof and unfriendly and makes everyone uncomfortable. I want my boys to push themselves also. I want them to learn that to have friends, you must be a friend first. You often have to make the first move.

Yesterday we went to a church activity at Pavan Park. It's a park with walking trails along the Oldman River in the coulees (click for definition). We quite like the coulee thing in this family. Jordan just loved this landscape and I hope we can find a day to go back and hike some of the trails. It looks like a great place to do some biking and horseback riding, but I own neither a bike nor a horse so we'll stick to the walking.

I never have to worry about Jared or Jackson getting into the social scene. They are young enough to dive in head first with varying levels of success and not shy to try again if things don't work out. The older boys stand on the sidelines for a long time. I was so happy to see James join in a game of football. Jordan and Jared played with them for a while also - cast and all for Jordan.

I was so pleased they participated, and I learned Jared and James have great throwing arms. Jordan didn't get a chance to throw. Hmmmm.....perhaps I have football season to consider. They were happy, had fun, and they got to know more of the good people we have come in contact with.

The food was yummy too.

I hope they grow up with a desire to "put themselves out there". I hope they can use their goodness to make this world a better place. I hope my sometimes not so subtle nudging (I do try to be subtle) helps them to stretch. I hope they find joy outside the walls of their own spheres of comfort and bring a little joy to whomever they find there.


Shelli said...

I totally and completely get that. But I didn't know that about you. You had me fooled. I think you are very socially adept. By the way, I love the living room. I can't wait to see more pictures of the rest of the house. Miss you all!

The Roelofs said...

Hey Deb. I think you are wonderful to be around and could never see anyone rolling their eyes with you on the other line. You are such a fun person, mom, wife. I would love to be around you! Hope you are enjoying lethbridge. I totally laughed about your blog about the half stopping at stop signs. Neil gets on me about that all the time. Quite funny. ENJOY! Carrie