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Monday, August 4, 2008

My Mortality and Other Musings

A few weeks ago, a BC man called in to a local radio station to complain about Lethbridge drivers. I had to laugh. I don't find a problem with them on the road, but I told Sean shortly after we arrived here that if I was going to die it would be in a Lethbridge parking lot.

Folks drive everywhere there is not a parked car. I can't count how many near misses I have had both in my car and out. Trust me, my obituary will say death due to unfortunate encounter with rogue automobile in the Lethbridge Costco/Walmart/Park Place Mall parking lot.

We discovered "rolling stops" here. They are yield signs at intersections instead of stop signs. Sean loves them but I think it's just another way to get killed around here.

Because of the wind, the traffic lights are installed sideways. I think it's a great idea. Why we don't do that on the island is beyond me.

I have a pretty good idea what goes on in the winter around here. You can't miss all the pregnant women so close to giving birth.

Prairie dogs are everywhere. People hate them. I don't suppose I blame them, but I think they are interesting little vermin. Perhaps Animal Planet should consider these guys after Meerkat Manor.

This week we started our back to school shopping. I purchased 10 pairs of shoes and all the school supplies. Why do I have four children? We haven't even started on the winter outerwear. Yikes!!!!

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