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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is It Almost the End of August

Sometimes time drags. Sometimes it just flies by. August is definitely flying by. We haven't done anything different or exciting, but for whatever reason we are now days away from school starting.

We started off the month at the Erickson Family Reunion. That is where Jordan managed to break his arm for the second summer in a row.

This is the hill Jordan fell on and this is the mother of all slip and slides that he missed out on because of his mishap.

You gotta love little brothers. Jared was good about getting me for help when Jordan fell. He fetched me, he led me to the injured party, and then asked if he could go play. I found Jordan on the ground obviously in pain and Jackson sitting above Jordan's head jabbing his finger into Jordan's forehead saying, "Name ten chocolate bars!! Name ten chocolate bars!!" Jordan was doing his best to let Jackson know that this was not the best way to help, but Jackson would have none of it. Jordan was flat on his back and in no condition to move. What more could a little brother want?

Jordan was lucky to get a swimming cast this year so he's able to get wet. It's been so much easier.

It's on until the middle of September so he will start his school year with a cast again.

Electrical issues aside there have been few surprises. The deck is completely gone now and we got to meet our air conditioner.

About fifteen years ago the deck was built over the air conditioning unit. It's certainly not the way to do it and it was obvious that it had probably never been serviced. It's not in good shape and it has been added to the "need to replace at some point" list. It can only work for about an hour and it doesn't cool things too much anyway.

You'll notice the window next to it. Well now we actually get light into that previously flooded basement rec room. It's great!! Makes me want my rebuild done even sooner.

Today Sean and the boys did some more cleaning and digging and replanting in the post-deck area. We are planning to build a fence and instead of a new deck we are creating a courtyard. It will be a better and more usable space.

The boys were not exactly excited with all this work today, but eventually got through it.

Jackson helped his dad measure out the property line for the fence. He was having a great time with that.

Our kitchen cabinets have arrived, but we can't do anything about it until the electrician comes and does his thing. That was supposed to have happened last week and then this week. I wonder if the customer service levels improve when there is not such a huge building boom going on. Hmmmm........

So we wait on that, but I really want to get the kitchen done.

All the school supplies are purchased. I think we are up to 12 pairs of shoes purchased in the month of August so far and Sean hasn't been shopping yet. We've purchased one snow suit from Costco for the bargin price of $64.99. Fortunately the boys don't care about having brand new clothes for the first day of school. I'll worry about that in October.

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