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Saturday, August 2, 2008

End of Week Updates

I just spent some quality time on the roof with Sean while he finishes off the shingling. Yeah!!! One project completed.

We found out this week that we have issues with our electrical. Seems that some very important work was not done by a certified electrician and does not meet code. We have some potential hazards and the fixes are not cheap. Not something we budgeted for.

Jordan broke his arm - again. It's the same one he broke last summer and in all the same places. We had to leave a family reunion early last night and spent the evening in emergency.

The deck is still in demolition mode, but it should be taken care of this week.

We are still having fun. Seriously.


Shelli said...

Oh my goodness. Could anything thing else happen?

Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

Man you guys...what can possibly happen next? You are such a trooper!