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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Life is just continuing on its merry way.

I was nearly in a fender bender with a guy who looked like a Honeymoon Suite reject in an orange Mercedes who I guess didn't think I would stay in my lane as I turned left.

I was eaten by more mosquitoes.

The remainder of the basement was dealt with and disinfected.

We doubled our little back yard lawn dimensions with sod.

We found a great outdoor swimming pool and plan to go back again.

Sean and I went on a hot date to the movies. $20 got us admission and drinks and popcorn. How great is that!!

Life goes on!!

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The Daring One said...

Oh Yuck Deb! What a mess. We're still in the free furniture stage of our marriage - 7 years later. Ahhh. Maybe when the kids go away to college I'll get picky.