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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On the Night Shift

One of the qualities some of the boys have taken from Sean is their ability to stay up late.

These pictures were taken a 1:00 am today as Sean and James ripped the remaining carpet out on the main floor and cut and laid it in the den. They were up until around 2 am I am sure. Indeed James is out cold as I write this.
He told me last night how much fun he was having.

"I didn't think work could be fun!"

Mwaaaa - ha - ha - ha............


Shelli said...

What is all that beautiful furniture I see in the picture? I love it! Is anyone allowed to sit on that sofa?

Mama Deb said...

Were it not for the flood, the children would be banished to the basement and NO ONE would be sitting on this furniture. I am freakishly obsessive about this stuff getting wrecked.