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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Local State of Emergency Declared

What a day!!! About 8 houses on our road were flooded. Some much, much worse than us. This photo is from the Lethbridge Herald. It is at Mayor Magrath and the Crowsnest overpass. How crazy is this? I can guarantee you that all the water is gone now.

http://www.lethbridgeherald.com/article_11230.php should get you to the news story.

We are doing inventory. The contractor our insurance company sent over said to leave anything touched by the water. It's contaminated. We'd already moved the couches.

Maybe I can still get new ones. Hmmmm.

My house looks like we just moved in......again.

More to come!!!!!


Shelli said...

Deb, crazy!!! Good luck with those couches!!!!

Dion said...

Man that really stinks. I hope I never go through something like that. I don't live in a flood area but we do live on fault line and near two other others. Good luck.