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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let a Little Light In

We finally ordered our new kitchen cabinets last night. I was a little tense through it all because by the time we arrived at the hardware store the skies were very dark to the north of us and the wind began to blow. There were dirt devils everywhere. Even walking to the store from the car I could feel the grit of dirt covering my teeth. The change in weather was alarmingly fast. We only live a three minute drive from the hardware store.

I was thinking tornado and why am I ordering my cabinets? Sean, however, in his manly ways said nothing was going to happen and let's get the kitchen ordered. I grudgingly complied.

Well we witnessed the fastest hail storm I'd ever seen. The hail was huge and the wind was howling. Then as fast as it started, it was done and the sun was out and it was all over.

So the cabinets are ordered and I looked at the news headlines this morning and indeed there was a tornado in a town north of us called Vulcan. So not really close to us.....but my gut was right all the same.

ANYWAY.....on to the blog....

On Monday evening after bringing my lobsters home from swimming, Sean decided for a family home evening activity we would do some major "pruning" to the trees in the back yard. There are four of them and some of the branches have grown to form a canopy of sorts over the back yard. It makes for a dark yard and not much clearance for tall people. Obviously I would be more concerned with the first issue.

So with a ladder, various cutting implements, rope, and a camera our family proceeded to dismantle the canopy. I know Sean would have loved to buy a chain saw for the occasion.

I admire his restraint. The boys were quite eager for demolition. We've run out of walls in the house to destroy on purpose.

Sean would tie a rope around a selected branch and the boys would hold that rope and pull while Sean was cutting. No patio furniture was harmed in the cutting of the branches. Once the branch was down, Sean would cut it up and the boys and I proceeded to take them out to the driveway to pile up.

Now we can see the sun!!!! Hopefully we didn't do too much damage to the sod and grass seed we put on the ground a few days ago.

The time flew by and the boys learned a valuable lesson about what can be accomplished when we work together (which at the time of this posting is now well forgotten).

After two hours of fun and WAY past bedtime, we took the boys for Slurpees and chocolate bars. There aren't a lot of kids getting Slurpees at
10 pm. What cool parents we are!!

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Jacob and Rachel Ellis said...

You guys are sure busy with the house. I am dying to see how the kitchen turns out... because it is you, I know it will be fabulous! we sure miss you guys. We still haven't forgiven you for leaving just so you know!