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Friday, July 11, 2008

I Will Not Cave on My Principles

I realize at this point I have no place to put replacement items in my house, but I have been looking at furniture anyway.

I'm a tad picky when it comes to furniture. #1 Because I am on quest to make a beautiful home. #2 Because I am on a quest to make a beautiful home for cheap.

Champagne tastes.....beer budget.

Now I realize that the beauty of a home is found in the spirit within.....I'm not that shallow, but I also feel like if this is going to be my work/living environment then it must be a place that looks nice. I don't want to spend my days being Mrs. Happy Homemaker in an environment that makes me want to leave and for me that also means the visual.

So now I am looking for new things to replace the old things.

My project at this point is to get the rest of the den completed. Our basement was disinfected for the second time yesterday and once it dries we will be putting some of our stuff back down there to get it out of the way. We are ripping out the gross den carpet, ripping out the decent carpet in the living room, installing the living room carpet in the den, and installing laminate wood in the living room. I already painted the den and just waiting for that basement to dry.

During all this, the boys are flopped all over my living room furniture. It's not the fanciest stuff, but I do think it looks pretty good. I really like my occasional tables. I like them so much, in fact, that I covered the main one in a blanket so the boys wouldn't scratch it up. Sean and I have been quite firm about them taking extra care with the furniture because it's not junk and we want to actually keep this stuff for a long time.

To which James in all his adolescent wit replied, "Well you know we are going to wreck it. Why buy good stuff in the first place?"

Well........what a funny guy.

As the boys were growing from smelly babies to smelly boys, Sean and I taught them not to touch certain things in the house. We baby proofed the safety issues but left the rest and they did well learning that certain things were just left alone. My philosophy has not changed. If I purchase junk furniture so they can destroy it, what does that teach them?

Since the basement rebuild may take a few months, I am focussed on furnishing the den so we can have a small family room. There is ample room to do that even with the desk and computer already set up. I would have eventually done this anyway and made it the entertainment room for the grown ups. I want a couch and a chair with some nice lighting for reading and of course my plasma TV on the wall. I want to peacefully lounge on my sofa and work on my new laptop that I don't have yet, blogging until I turn blue.

Whoa, wake up from that dream.

So am now on the furniture hunt. I want to furnish the basement and the den on the budget I was given in my insurance payout. It's turning out to be quite difficult.

The boys may get their junk furniture after all, but it will be over my lifeless, shopped out body.

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